cropped-gaspar-triangle2.jpgAfter a tragic mistake that cost a young Spanish girl her life, Thomas Raymond’s career as a marine archeologist and treasure hunter came to an abrupt end. Following a number of other personal setbacks, he started a new life as a charter boat captain on the west coast of Florida. While struggling to keep his business afloat during the perceived coastal damage from a major oil spill, an enigmatic business man offered Thomas a chance to jump back into the life he had squandered a decade prior. The lost treasure of the infamous pirate, Jose “Gasparilla” Gaspar, was what he sought and the evidence he presented was compelling. With the once dormant treasure hunting juices flowing again, he dove in with both feet and soon realized he was in way over his head. Thomas was now caught in a vortex of lies, betrayal and death that would lead him across the seas in a race against time to save those trapped inside the Gaspar Triangle. Buy now at Or at